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Addicted was founded in 2009 in Barcelona, dedicating itself to the creation, design and manufacturing of gay men’s top quality swimwear. In a short amount of time, the gay brand experienced rapid growth, aided by the success of it's slightly older gay brother: •ES•Collection, which came to life back in 2006. For many years now, Addicted has not only been designing trendy gay swimwear, but has also been expanding its collections. Several times a year new underwear, swimwear and sportswear designs are outed, catering to its gay fashion clientele. Nowadays, Addicted is the top model brand within men’s fashion, and more specifically, within the gay sector, one that comes to mind immediately when thinking about gay men’s fashion. Designer fashion wear is Addicted fashion wear.

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The brand Addicted, as said before, was and is a brand created for the gay market. Why? Because the gays love more flamboyant clothing, more expressive sexy wear and they are more into a certain life style and willing to show what they've got. Gay men are proud of who and what they are! Addicted is for the boys who like to show their sexiness, who aren't shy for being looked at in admiration at the beach, pool or party by other boys. Nowadays, more and more straight guys are willing to wear more daring swimwear, more colorful underwear and in general, clothing that shows your male proudness with pride. Thanks to many different technologies, created by the Addicted Research, Development and Innovation team, the boys of the world can wear this Addicted clothing brand with pride, being proud to be able to show what they've got to offer. The guys love to wear quality swimwear with e.g. pack-up technology which enhances your bulge and prevents the 'shrunken-sausage-look' when coming out of the water after a refreshing dip... Addicted fashion clothing is comfortable, original, stylish and elegant. Come and check out all technologies created by the Addicted team under the Shapewear category at and you'll be amazed of the innovations that come with this world-famous gay brand. Addicted uses the highest quality materials and accessories in creating the best gay clothing brand available in the market, of course the Addicted brand is right out there together with its older brother •ES•Collection.


Want to draw an attraction at the beach, pool or party? Make a grand entrée wearing your latest Addicted sexy swimwear. Is not only sexy swimwear, it´s also incredibly hot! It makes you stand out in a crowd. It helps to give you more confidence wearing it because all eyes will be on you thanks to your seductive looking.Try out the many different styles that Addicted proudly designs and creates for you in Barcelona. There’s a type of swimwear for all persons. Addicted has it all. Are you into a sexy boxer, or more a bikini boy? Try the hot sungas swimwear and interchange with sexy looking brief swimwear. Prefer a less tight version of swimwear, then the beautifully designed shorts or board shorts might be more your thing. Rest assured: which ever type of Addicted swimwear you’ll be wearing, you’ll be the centre of attention in that spicy, hot and sexy looking award-winning Addicted swimwear. Give it a try if you haven’t already and get the satisfaction you deserve.


Addicted is known for it´s hot sexywear. Have you ever been to a party where Addicted wasn’t present? Exactly! Simply because Addicted is the world leader in male sexywear. And Addicted goes for any kind of party wear. A subtle intimate party at home, a beach party with your feet in the sand, perhaps a cool pool party and yes there’s also that partying in a discotheque or humid and sleazy cruise bar where the atmosphere is filled with the smell of poppers. For any type of party Addicted will be present. Simply because it’s the best male party wear available in which you’ll not only look sexy, you’ll simply feel your sexiness and o