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Mesh jacket 85% Polyester 10% Elastane 5% Cotton Mesh jacket with zipper and hood Contrasting sleeve srips  Silicone AD logo on the front left side Designed and made in Barcelona
Retro color combined short 100% Cotton AD logo on the front Two hidden front pockets Two vertical Jacquard stripes on the front Perfect for your daily workout Designed and made in Barcelona
Round neck vest with front zip Two colour toned 100% cotton Rainbow strip across the front ADDICTED embedded in the rainbow strip AD silicone logo on the front Designed & made in Barcelona
Sleeveless sweater  100% Polyester Front zip AD logo on front  Dotted silicone embossed on the left side Fast dry fabric Designed & made in Barcelona
Vest in two tones Made with the finest fabrics 100% polyester Two contrasting colours on the shoulders ADDICTED unicorn and leaves theme on the front Contrasting colour zipper on the front 2 pockets on the front Designed and made in Barcelona
Sporty jacket Made of the finest material 100% cotton  Contrasting fabric on the top Camouflage fabric Frontal zip AD logo on the front 2 frontl pockets with zip Made & designed in Barcelona
Beautiful two colour sleeveless hoody  AD logo printed on the front left Contrasting colors and vertical bands on the front 2 hidden front pockets 100% cotton Designed & made in Barcelona
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